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Kimm's Deep Forest Page

Deep Forest is a French music group made up of two people: Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez. Bringing together ethnic songs and high technology, they use African, Eastern European, and Central and Southern American music to create sounds that will seize your senses and stir your emotions.

Site last modified: 26 July 2000, please check the "news" page.

News The News page has tour dates and any new info on Deep Forest.
You can find a description of the concert at Tokyo here.

InfoThe Info section contains a lot of information on the Band, the People, the Music and even the Meanings and Translations of some of the songs.

AlbumsDeep Forest have released four albums (Deep Forest, World Mix, Boheme and Comparsa) and many singles and even made a few music videos.

Files The Files section contains some samples of Deep Forest's music.

LinksThere is quite a lot of stuff on the Internet dedicated to Deep Forest, just visit the links sections to see more.

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