This is the section where I put all the latest news on Deep Forest. Fell free to Email me about any new news you find. I'll promptly publish it here with the adequate recognition.

Apparently, Michael Sanchez will be releasing a new album soon. It should be called Hyroglyphes and contain approximately 13 tracks. I haven't found a release date yet but as soon as it's announced i'll tell you.
Thanks Bruno for this info.
Personally I would prefer if Michael were working with Eric to produce a new DF album but anything, at this point, is welcome.
Well, I've finally gotten round to doing it: I've updated the "Albums" section of the site. I've added Made in Japan witch should of been done a month ago, but you know how it is... moving to London and all...
The files section has followed simultaneously this update so Made in Japan can be sampled and I've added a few CD quality songs to the "other" section in "Files".
If you have anything you think can go on my site please send it to me. I would love to find some rare songs to put on the site.

First update of the new millenium!! Since moving to London I've been VERY busy so I still have to get round to sorting out the newsletter I post every time this site is updated. Well on to the news: The album DF and Catherine Lara recorded is out in France. Shouldn't be too long for the rest of the world to get hold of it. From What I've gathered, it's called Aral and there is just one song DF did. You can listen to a sample of the song here.
Thanks to Martijn Milo and Dahwoud for this info.

Sorry I haven't been updating this site but I've just moved to London from Italy!!! London is really cool. Anyway, as you can imagine, I haven't had a computer since the move but now I've found a job righting web pages so I'll start updating the page regulary.
As you all probably know, "Made in Japan" was released the 26 of October. If you would like to order this great CD please use this link: CDnow. In fact, if you're going to order any CD's or videos this Xmas please use the search engine on the main page. If enough people buy CD's coming from this page I might get a free CD.

A really cool image has been dedicated to Deep Forest. This top quality image can be used as your desktop or even print it as a nice postcard. To view the image go here: The image is 369 Kbyte. This image was created by Doug Gorton, remember to visit his web site at:
Thanks Doug.

It has been confirmed that a "new" Deep Forest album will be released in the USA on the 10/26/99. I'm not 100% sure it is "Made in Japan" but it most probably is. So by late october we should all be listening to Deep Forest live!!!
Thanks to Candi for this info.

The new Deep Forest CD, "Made in Japan", was released in France this week. The US (and international) version should be out VERY soon. (I can't wait). Thanks to "gerard" for this info.
I've added some lyrics to the "Meanings" page. Check out what "Earthquake" and "La lune se bat avec les étoiles" mean. Thanks to Romeo for these.

A new Deep Forest CD was released in Japan on June 23rd. It's called "Made in Japan", and contain's live recordings of songs which were performed during the Japanese tour last year. Click here for more info.
I'll keep you informed as soon as the "international" realese come out. ;-)

I've added the Arabic lyrics and translation of Media Luna to the site. I found these on the "Deep Forest Message Board", thanks to Ivan Proskurin for translating them and Martijn M. for posting them. If anyone else knows any lyrics and translations to any other Deep Forest songs please post them to me at: Comparsa has a lot of spanish songs and I'm sure some of you know spanish so if you do understand a Comparsa song just right down the text. Thanks.
Just some info on "White Whisper": if your intrested in the four notes used for the melody click here. Also a little more info on "Sweet Lullaby". All thanks to TeknoNight.

I've been getting a lot of emails from people that want to know a little about me, Kimm Kroll, so I put together a short page on myself and why I made this Deep Forest web site. Click here to see it.

Two new DF sites this week!!! Seems DF is getting quite popular. The latest is in Estonian and can be found on the links page.

There's a new Deep Forest site in Finnish. If you know this language lease go to the links section.

I've started mailing list for Deep Forest. To join please go here.

I've added some new lyrics: the lyrics and translations to "Media Luna".
The "Albums" section has been updated. It now has ALL the DF albums.
Deep Forest were invited to a TV show in France presented by Catherine Lara (a musician). On the show Deep Forest announced that they will be releasing a new album with Catherine Lara, no date has been set!!! The album will be called "violin-world" and will have Catherine Lara plaing the violin.
Deep Forest will also be releasing a Live album. They have finished mixing it and it will be available in June. The album is a mix of the three studio albums, and was recorded in Japan last summer.

You can now vote for your favorite Deep Forest Album. The Deep Forest Album Survey has been made to find out what is the most loved Deep Forest album. Please visit the site and vote for WorldMix, Boheme, or Comparsa and see the current results to this survey.

The Deep Forest Message Board has been finished. The forum was made so that the Deep Forest fans could get together and talk about Deep Forest. You can use the Message Board to express any comments on the music or the group, or you can just post or request any information you have or need.

A description of the concert at Tokyo

'Noonday Sun' is the new single, it includes the songs 'Noonday Sun' and 'Deep Weather'

The single 'Media Luna' is out from the album Comparsa

Deep Forest did an Interview for Echoes. Download it here: dfechoes.doc

Edition Platine (includes the albums: World Mix, Boheme, and 3 new songs)

Tour dates:
The Deep Forest Summer 1998 Tour has been canceled!!!!!!
I'm sorry but I don't know why, hope to keep you informed.
07/23/98 Los Angeles, CA Wiltern Theatre
07/24/98 Berkeley, CA Greek Theatre
07/26/98 Woodinville, WA Chateau Ste. Michelle
07/27/98 Woodinville, WA Chateau Ste. Michelle
07/28/98 Portland, OR Arlene Schnitzer Hall
07/31/98 Chicago, IL Vic Theatre
08/01/98 Ann Arbor, MI Michigan Theater
08/03/98 Boston, MA Avalon
08/04/98 New York, NY Hammerstein Ballroom
08/05/98 Washington DC 9:30 Club

6th of July - Tokyo
8th of July - Tokyo
9th of July - Tokyo
10th of July - Osaka

Thanks to Diana Gore for the tour date info

You can get the tickets here:

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