Concert at Tokyo the 9th of July

Thanks to Hiroyuki Douta (who actually attended this concert) for all this info.

The concert lasted only 2 hours, here is the program:

1.Noonday Sun
2.Ekue Ekue
3.Green And Blue
4.Deep Weather
5.Tres Marias.
6.Bohemian Ballet
7.Deep Folk Song
8.Freedom Cry
9.Percussin and Drum duet
10.Cafe Europa
12.Radio Belize
13.Forest Power
14.Forest Hymn
15.Sweet Lullaby
3.La Lune se bat avec

The music was composed by 9 people:
Michel Sanchez(Key+Piano+accordion)
Eric Mouquet(Key,Octa pad,Vocoder)
Paolo Damanti(Key)
Neil Conti(Dr)
Fred Savinien-Caprais(Perc)
Didier Cresson(Bass)
Lala Raharimala(Vocal)
Monika Rasoanirina(Vocal)
Gino Ceccarelli(Vocal)

The music was very unlike the music from the albums, not as clear and polished but Deep Forest's music live is very powerful and full of live, it will seize your senses and totally mystify you. At a certain point during the concert Eric encourage everyone to get up and beat their hands the the rythm of the music.

Thanks again to Hiroyuki Douta :-)

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