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Deep Forest World Mix

Released in early 1994.
With this album Deep Forest added a few Mixed tracks to the album called "Deep Forest", it joins together the propulsive dance music of modern Europe with the haunting voices of the Pygmies of the central African rain forest. Deep Forest is a unique pop creation with roots both in the "world beat" phenomenon and in ambient dance music, an album for dancing and for listening.

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1 Deep Forest
2 Sweet Lullaby
3 Hunting
4 Night Bird
5 The First Twilight
6 Savana Dance
7 Desert Walk
8 White Whisper
9 The Second Twilight
10 Sweet Lullaby (Ambient Mix)
11 Sweet Lullaby (Round The World Mix)
12 Sweet Lullaby (Apollo Mix)
13 Deep Forest (Sunrise At Alcatraz)
14 Forest Hymn (Apollo Mix)
15 Forest Hymn

France : Double Gold Album
U.S.A : Platinium Album
Great Britian : Gold Album
Norway : Gold Album
New Zealand : Platinium Album
Australia : Double Platinium Album

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