Kimm's Deep Forest Web Page

The End

Well, Everything has to come to an end.
This Deep Forest Website has now receded into the slumber of retirement.
I started this website about 8 years ago, in the distant year of 1997.
(My god! that sounds so far.)
It has been shifted about innumerable times,
roaming from free server to free server.
And its design slowly mutating in accordance with my programming and design skills,
transmuting and evolving.
One could almost say it was similar to an entity bearing life; at least metaphysically.
But alas, its life has come to an end. I havenít updated this site for YEARS.
At this point in time, I know I will never update it again.
I therefore extend a veil of appreciation over this site,
and hope that this site has done the duty that any living being does:
help the other living beings it comes into contact with.
It has certainly helped me.

If you would like to find info on Deep Forest just do a Google search.
Oh, and use firefox.

for posterity, I have kept a copy of the site. You can find it here:
Kimm's deceased Deep Forest Page.

A new entity has been born. If you would like to see my new website, please go here: