The People

Michel Sanchez:
Michel Sanchez Born in the north of France on July 1 1957, he was playing the accordion at the age of five, later becoming an organ virtuoso studying at a Conservatory. He was much sought after for advertising music and studio sessions.

Eric Mouquet:
Eric Mouquet Born in the north of France, he taught himself to play the keyboards by listening to his parents records. Inspired by rock music he was soon making advertising music.

Neil Conti:
Drummer for Deep Forest, he toured Japan with the group and was part of the album Comparsa.

Dan Lacksman:
Spending a year to produce the Deep Forest album, he experimented a lot with the track, macking the album the best he could. Now he is working on his own group, Pangea.

Marta Sebestyen:
The lead singer in a Hungarian group called Mizsikas, her voice was used on Marta's Song, Bulgarian Melody, and Twosome on the album Boheme

Wes Madiko:
Doing most of the pygmy singing on "Deep Forest" he has go on to making his first solo album called "Welenga" with the help of Michel Sanchez.

Ana Torroja:
A Spanish singer who appears on the track "Media Luna" on the latest album Comparsa. She has also done a solo album: Puntos Cardinales.

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